Sound Check Electronics is a family owned business.

My name is Mandy, I am the person you will most likely hear back from first (via SMS or email). 
I have recently finished the Diploma Of Business course (sounds much more impressive than it really is)
I do all of the admin/booking in/finance/website stuff

Paul is the technician.
Repairing electronic musical equipment is in his blood. His Dad – Colin – has been repairing electronic organs for a very long time.
Paul is a human encyclopedia of technical knowledge – a lot is very useful, a lot is not so useful.
He first started his work life with Hills Business Services when he was 17 years and now has over 25 years technical experience (wow that makes him sound REALLY old!!) and over 20 years technical experience specifically with electronic musical equipment.

As a family business, our children also get involved –

Michael is 18 and will be studying Electronic Engineering at Tafe, he helps Paul out with basic soldering etc. He is also proving to have the human technical encyclopedia gene.
Jasmine is 19 and is studying Science (Astro Physics) at University – when she is not too busy studying, she helps me out with data entry.
Josh is 27. He has spread his wings and is currently taking the world on full force.