Sound Check Electronics current repair time is around 3 weeks from the time your unit is booked in.

This time can be longer if parts are needed, but we will endeavor to keep you updated on this.

Express Service is available upon request. Additional fee applies.

If the cost of the repair is less than $200 we will go ahead with the repair.
If it looks like exceeding $200 we will send you an estimate.
A diagnostic fee of $65 will be charged if an estimation is given but the customer does not wish to proceed with the repair.

The minimum fee of $65 will be charged if an item is booked in under warranty conditions is deemed not to be faulty.
The minimum fee of $65 will be charged if an item does not fault in our workshop.

Once repaired we will contact you to let you know the cost of the repair and when it will be available to be picked up.

For more information about our service rates, please go here:

For more information on our Service Rates and Conditions Of Service, please go to
Whilst we endeavour to get units repaired in a timely manner, due to reliance on manufacturers for information and parts this is not always easy.
Sound Check Electronics will attempt to keep customers informed of the progress of repairs.
However, as this is not always possible, customer’s are encouraged to email for a status update on units that we have had for longer than 2 weeks.
The repair of your goods may result in the loss of any user-generated data. Please ensure you have made a copy of any data saved on your goods. 
Sound Check Electronics will not be responsible for any data loss or for restoring any lost data.
Units that cannot be repaired due to spare part unavailability, manufacturer problems/policies, or uneconomical repair requirements are to be picked up by the customer within
30 days, or permission given to Sound Check Electronics to dispose of in an environmentally sound manner.
Units that are not collected and paid for within 30 days of Sound Check Electronics informing the customer will incur an ongoing storage fee.