Sound Check Electronics current repair time is around 3 weeks from the time your unit is booked in.

This time can be longer if parts are needed, but we will endeavor to keep you updated on this.

Express Service is available upon request. Additional fee applies.

If the cost of the repair looks like exceeding $175 we will call you to discuss this.
If it is less than $175 we will go ahead with the repair.
Once repaired we will contact you to let you know the cost of the repair and when it will be available to be picked up.

The minimum fee of $65 will be charged if an estimation is given but the customer does not wish to proceed with the repair.
The minimum fee of $65 will be charged if an item is booked in under warranty conditions is deemed not to be faulty.
The minimum fee of $65 will be charged if an item does not fault in our workshop.

For more information about our service rates, please go here:

Repair Status Last Updated Monday 16th September 12.35pm

Job NumberBook In NumberItemFault DescriptionWarranty RepairDate Booked InStatusDate Updated
11874 Casio AP250BK Digital PianoDigital Piano piano cuts out randomly while playing Y11-Sep-2019To Be Assessed 13-Sept-2019
11868 Roland FP-90-BK Keyboard No power.Y28-Aug-2019Waiting Parts 16-Sept-2019
11867 Mackie ProFX12V2 Effects Mute lights dont work. Y 04-Sep-2019 Waiting on parts information16-Sep-2019
11866 D1345 Yamaha NP32 Keyboard Unit shuts off when playing lower keys. Y 03-Sep-2019 Completed 13-Sept-2019
11865 JBL MSC1 Monitor Made strange sound when plugged in wrong polarity p/s. N 03-Sep-2019 Estimate Given16-Sept-2019
11864 Yamaha P115 Digital Piano Does not work. Y 03-Sep-2019 - Completed13-Sept-2019
11863 Crown XLS2500 Amplifier Not working. N 03-Sep-2019 To Be Assessed04-Sept-2019
11861 Novation Launchpad Pro Controller - fireworks and is not recognised in the system on. Novation Launchpad Pro Controller - power button does not work and the Launchpad is not possible to switch N 26-Aug-2019Completed16-Sept-2019
11860TC Helicon Live Play Effects Module Turns on. Microphone works, but it only has 1 voice 'normal' Repair and return to Hillier. N 29-Aug-2019Completed16-Sept-2019
11859 Yamaha PSR S900 Digital Piano Frozen Screen N 28-Aug-201Estimate Given13-Sept-2019
11858 Alto aVerb Digital Effect No sound playing through. Get humming noise or distortion when drumming. N 28-Aug-2019 Customer Information Required16-Sept-2019
11857 D1344 Boss BR600 Recorder Time/Value dial faulty. N 29-Aug-2019Completed13-Sept-2019
11856 D1342Yamaha P45B Digital Piano C above middle C stuck Y26-Aug-2019Completed04-Sept-2019
11855 Magnum 2500 - Not heating upChauvet Radius G20 - No red or white Chauvet Radius G30 - No whiteN19-Aug-2019To Be Assessed30-Aug-2019
11854 Mackie SRM150 Speaker (Powered) Intermittent sound. Y 30-Aug-2019Parts Ordered13-Sept-2019
11852Yamaha P-155 Digital Piano No power N 29-Aug-2019Completed13-Sept-2019
11849 2 cables require shortening.N26-Aug-2019Field Service Call30-Aug-2019
11848 Ampeg SVT-CL Amplifier Tripping Circuit breakersY23-Aug-2019Completed13-Sept-2019
11845 Korg Prologue 8 Keyboard Unit no longer powers on. Tried multiple IEC's. Maybe the Auto shift is malfuctioning. Y 21-Aug-2019Parts Ordered13-Sept-2019
11844 JBL LSR310 Speaker (Powered) No power to unit. DOA. Y 21-Aug-2019Parts Ordered13-Sept-2019
11843 D1338 RCF Art 315A Speaker Possible driver issue. Distorts. N 21-Aug-2019Unit on test - unable to get to fault13-Sept-2019
11841 D1341 JBL EON612 Speaker (Powered) voltage switch from 230v to 110v N 21-Aug-2019Completed13-Sept-2019
11840 Yamaha Rio 1608 Digital Stage Box Unit suggests a network fault. No cennection from either RJ45 jack. Discovered the red Dante card floating loose internally. Reseated, but did not fix. Y19-Aug-2019 Parts Ordered13-Sept-2019
11839 9 x Mipro Headsets.Fit plug and resistor to suit Shure belt packs. N 21-Aug-2019Completed13-Sept-2019
11838 D1339Casio CDP200R Digital PianoKeys are not returning to positionN21-Aug-2019Completed04-Sept-2019
11837 D1337Behringer Amplifier NU1000Unit dosent power up. Y?21-Aug-2019To Be Assessed22-Aug-2019
11836 D1340Roland SPDS Drum Pad Error message "Memory Damaged" N21-Aug-2019To Be Assessed22-Aug-2019
11835 Behringer B215A Speaker (Powered) Buzzing soundN21-Aug-2019Parts Ordered13-Sept-2019
11833 Casio WK3800 Keyboard - Power issues Casio CDP100 - Power issues Casio CTK551 - Power issues N02-Aug-2019Completed30-Aug-2019
11832 Kawai ES8 Digital Piano Two notes that do not always sound “B” and “D” in the middle of the piano. Y14-Aug-2019Completed13-Sept-2019
11831 Yamaha P70 Digital Piano Keyboard is buzzing when you play it, also sounds like it 'echos'N16-Aug-2019Parts Ordered (on back order 2-3weeks)13-Sept-2019
11830 GEM WK2 Oriental Keyboard Lots of buttons faulty. Pedal jumps in volume N19-Aug-2019To Be Assessed - Express Service Requested19-Aug-2019
11829 Yamaha S-08 Digital PianoSeveral keys faulty. N19-Aug-2019Completed13-Sept-2019
11828 AKG 2 x C414 2 x Microphone See note on each unit. N 16-Aug-2019Completed13-Sept-2019
11827 Yamaha P90 : Sticking Key Yamaha CP50 : Key Jumping out loudYamaha PRS-E303 : Loud key N16-Aug-2019 Completed04-Sept-2019
11826 Australian Monitor MYM-TCD Rack CD USB Player CD not working. N26-Jul-2019Completed30-Aug-2019
11825 Yamaha Tyros 4 Keyboard Faulty translucent button 'D' in 'Main Variation' on style control sectionN31-Jul-2019Completed30-Aug-2019
11824 Behringer B1031A Speaker (Powered) Dead speaker does not power on. Fuse replaced and tested with matching fuse. Speaker is blowing the fuse shortly after powering on. Needs further internal repairY30-Jul-2019Completed19-Aug-2019
11823 D1334 Korg Krome 88 Keyboard Voices are playing up. Marked keys are not working 100%. N 12-Aug-2019Parts Ordered16-Sept-2019
11822 Hughes & Kettner Matrix 100 Guitar Amplifier No SoundN13-Aug-2019Completed30-Aug-2019
11821 12822DKawai Digital Piano Five keys intermittently no soundY30-Jul-2019Completed30-Aug-2019
11820Line 6 Powercab 112 plus : Digital input not working.Helix LT pedal board : Expression pedal squeaks and is stiff. Touch buttons intermittentY13-Aug-2019Completed04-Sept-2019
11819 Roland GP607 Digital Piano Muted sound from several keys Y13-Aug-2019Completed13-Sept-2019
11814 D1330Denon MCX8000 DJ Controller Channel 1 fader needs replacing (channel has snapped) and a service.N30-Jul-2019Parts Ordered30-Aug-2019
11812 D1332Yamaha P105 Digital Piano D1 key not working N30-Jul-2019Completed 30-Aug-2019
11811 D1331 Yamaha S90XS Keyboard Fault with expression pedal/input/electronics. Sometimes the pads will stay on a chord and not respond to the release of the pedal. A power cycle usually fixes itN30-Jul-2019Completed13-Sept-2019
11810 Yamaha MGP24X Mixer Lots of channels not working or noisy. See note on case.N25-Jul-2019Parts Ordered30-Aug-2019
11809 Line 6 Helix LT Pedal Touch buttons intermittent. Pedal does not have a smooth sweep, squeaks and appears to need lubricationY29-Jul-2019Completed04-Sept-2019
11804 Behringer Xenyx22FX Mixer Powers on, but nothing works.N25-Jul-2019To Be Assessed31-Jul-2019
11803 Yamaha DTX502 Drum Module Only drum sounds work. No rythyms or settings, volume etc. N25-Jul-2019Completed13-Aug-2019
11802 Korg M3 Keyboard No fault givenN24-Jul-2019Completed13-Sept-2019
11801 D1329Yamaha P121 KeyboardDodgy Key. Velocity issues. Y24-Jul-2019Completed19-Aug-2019
11800 D1327 Behringer KM1700 Amplifier Sound cuts out, clip light on permanently on ChA. Burning smell. Y24-Jul-2019Completed30-Aug-2019
11797 Kawai CN370 Digital Piano Several keys clunk but no sound.N22-Jul-2019Estimate Given19-Aug-2019
11796 Mini Moog Voyager Keyboard No Sound- Parameters change without input (mostly presets, volume and filter) N10-Jul-2019Waiting on Service Information19-Aug-2019
11795 D1322Roland FA08 Keyboard Cut off and release intermittent value. Skip/jumps, suspected faulty pot - check all knobs.Y20-Jul-2019Completed30-Aug-2019
11794 D1326Chiayo Stage Pro Portable PA System Battery not charging. N20-Jul-2019To Be Assessed22-Jul-2019
11793 D1325Sennheiser XS1 ME3 MicrophoneBeltpack plug broken. General tidy upN20-Jul-2019Completed13-Aug-2019
11792 D1320DB Cromo12 SpeakerNot getting full range on sound.N20-Jul-2019Completed13-Sept-2019
11791 D1321Behringer B112W Speaker (Powered) Woofer sounds distorted on low volumes. N20-Jul-2019Completed19-Aug-2019
11790 D1323 Yamaha P35 Digital PianoBroken, weighted key.N20-Jul-2019Completed31-Jul-2019
11789 D1324JBL 515 Speaker (Powered) No power - no LEDs. Was using it then suddenly turned off. Have 2 speakers. One was repaired approx 4 months ago. Can it be confirmed if it is the same speaker. Unit has been disassembled. N21-Jul-2019To Be Assessed22-Jul-2019
11786 3 x JBL 2 x 315 1 x 518S 3 x Speaker (Powered) No Sound.N18-Jul-2019To Be Assessed17-Jul-2019
11782 Peavey Vyper AmplifierFirmware CheckN10-Jul-2019Completed25-Jul-2019
11780 D1313Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S88 KeyboardNo after touch. Y10-Jul-2019To Be Returned to Manufacturer30-Aug-2019
11779 Roland RD505 Keyboard Unit powers up, but display has visible pixel damage.Y05-Jul-2019Completed31-Jul-2019
11778 Korg MK 1 Synthesiser No power to unit. Different PSU tried. Y05-Jul-2019Completed22-Jul-2019
11777 D1317Lexicon MX300 Effects Processor No screen.N15-Jul-2019Completed31-Jul-2019
11776 D1316Casio CT655 Keyboard Fault with cord? Or needs a check over and necessary repairs. N15-Jul-2019Completed31-Jul-2019
11775 D1319Mipro Portable PA System Dropped. CD player no longer works. N15-Jul-2019Completed13-Aug-2019
11774 2 x Lab Gruppen 2 x FP-6400 AmplifierSee notes on units. N16-Jul-2019Active30-Aug-2019
11773 Blackstar HT Club40 AmplifierWas taking ages to make a sound, although could hear faintly inside of amp. Changing channels eventually got it working. Sound increasingly farty, then faded out on distortion channel. No sound either channel. N15-Jul-2019Completed31-Jul-2019
11772 D1318
Allen & Heath MixerCracks and pops when turned on. N15-Jul-2019Parts Ordered13-Aug-2019
11771 D1315Starforce USA AmplifierBuzzing, bass on first input. N05-Jul-2019Completed31-Jul-2019
11770 Presonus Studiolive 16-4-2 Mixer - No fault given Roland SK50 Keyboard - No fault given TC Electronics Amplifier - No fault givenN05-Jul-2019Waiting on parts information31-Jul-2019
11769 Casio CTK5200 Keyboard x 3Faulty Notes N05-Jul-2019Completed17-Jul-2019
11768 D1307Yamaha Reface CP KeyboardSpeakers not working. Volume control not working. Customer has left keyboard only.Y05-Jul-2019Completed25-Jul-2019
11767 D1310Roland E Piano AccordianIntermittent B note failure N05-Jul-2019Estimate Given13-Sept-2019
11766 D1309Yamaha P80 Digital Piano .Several stuck keys - marked with orange dots. And if you notice any other repairs that need doing tooN05-Jul-2019Completed25-Jul-2019
11764 2 x Adam 2 x A7X Speaker (Powered) Intermittent wont turn on. Top end doesn't sound right on dented HF driver. N12-Jul-2019Completed19-Aug-2019
11763 Yamaha Promix 01V : Service & Repair. Main Left out not working. 2 x Mackie HR824 Powered Speakers : LF drivers faulty (surround) N03-Jul-2019Parts Ordered31-Jul-2019
11762 Numark Mixer : Check and service, repair if economical.2 x Technics SL-1200 Turn tables : Repair connections. Clean & Service. 2 x DPA4060 Omni Mics (not left at SC) : Cable management solutions? N27-Jun-2019Completed31-Jul-2019
11760 D1311Technics SX-PR602 Digital Piano Crackling noiseN05-Jul-2019Completed18-Jul-2019
11759 Yamaha THR5A Guitar AmplifierLeft speaker N11-Jul-2019Completed25-Jul-2019
11758 Kawai MR210 Digital PianoBflat below mid C. Clean & Service N10-Jul-2019Completed31-Jul-2019
11757 Nord Stage 1 : Wont boot. King Korg : Broken Control N09-Jul-2019 Completed30-Aug-2019
11756 Kawai CN37 Digital Piano One note not sounding all the time “c” up from middle “c” Y05-Jul-2019Field Service Call16-Jul-2019
11755 Yamaha PSR-E313 KeyboardOne key not working (low B)N 08-Jul-2019Completed22-Jul-2019
11754 Mixer Ch 5 slider. Clean and Service.Amp : Right Channel intermittentN 08-Jul-2019Completed25-Jul-2019
11753 Allen & Heath SQ-6 Mixer Master Fader was intermittent behaving random. N 08-Jul-2019Completed22-Jul-2019
11752 Allen & Heath ZED 16FX Mixer Left & Right outputs faulty. Ch 1 faulty. N08-Jul-2019Completed31-Jul-2019
11750 Yamaha CLP635R Digital Piano The velocity on a few keys are set to 100%Y01-Jul-2019Completed16-Jul-2019
11749 Australian Monitor Amplifier 1 - Making evac noise all the time 2 - see noteN28-Jun-2019Completed22-Jul-2019
11748 SoundArt Portable PA SystemSee note - required for July 20thN28-Jun-2019Completed16-Jul-2019
11746 D1301Korg Prologue 16 Keyboard Springy keys - 2nd D and B (audible squeak, softer than others) Y28-Jun-2019Completed04-July-2019
11745 Bass Guitar Loud pop sound when flicking the active/passive switch. Wire a true bypass switch that can work when a 9V battery is not present. N28-Jun-2019 Completed31-Jul-2019
11743 D1303Behringer Portable PA System Wont power up. N26-Jun-2019 Completed16-Jul-2019
11742 D1305 Casio CTK3500 Keyboard Unit will not power on. Socket suspected. N26-Jun-2019Completed01-July-2019
11741 D1302Nord 3 Pedal SetNo response on any pedals.N 26-Jun-2019Completed04-July-2019
11740 D1304Fitness Audio NQA-5-PT Headset Mic Cutting in/out crackles at belt endN26-Jun-2019To Be Assessed27-Jun-2019
11739 D1306Yamaha CP40 Keyboard B above middle C sticking Y26-Jun-2019Completed04-July-2019
11738 D1097Yamaha HH65 PedalNot working when pressedN24-Jun-2019Completed16-Jul-2019
11737 D1051Behringer Amplifier OverheatingN21-Jun-2019Completed04-July-2019
11736 D1098Alesis Multimix 16 MixerWill not power up.N21-Jun-2019Completed30-Aug-2019
11735 Yamaha DTX402K Drum Module Pad has ceased to work. Y 21-Jun-2019Completed01-July-2019
11734 D1096Casio CDP120 Keyboard3 keys N21-Jun-2019 Completed25-Jun-2019
11718 Yamaha DGX660 Digital Piano Keys make an intermittent loud sound when using the pedalsY11-Jun-2019Parts Ordered - Back Order -
Field Service Call
11692 Kawai CA98 Digital Piano Swipe screen not lighting upY21-May-2019Completed27-Jun-2019
11733 KDP110Noisy Key Y21-Jun-2019Field Service24-Jun-2019
11731 Roland RP-300 Digital Piano Several keys not working. Check or replace pedal. Check amplifier.N21-Jun-2019Estimate Given04-Jul-2019
11729 Yamaha PSRE343 KeyboardThe power sockets are broken and pushed in. N06-Jun-2019Completed25-Jun-2019
11730 Kawai ES-8 Digital PianoSome keys randomly louder, softer or silent Y14-Jun-2019Completed17-July-2019
11728 Fireface UCX InterfaceUSB socket loose N20-Jun-2019 Completed27-Jun-2019
11727 D1247AKG PT470 Microphone Receiver Switches on, but no connection (sound) Have tried to sync - no good. N17-Jun-2019Completed27-Jun-2019
11726 Behringer NU6000DSP Amplifier Amplifier that was sent away last time (June 2018) that never worked after repair. Powers up but no sound. Apparently it is in thermal mode.Y17-Jun-2019Completed16-Jul-2019
11725 Yamaha P105B Keyboard - Damaged power supply on keyboard Yamaha NP30 Keyboard - Not turning on N17-Jun-2019Completed16-Jul-2019
11724 D1248Mackie S5 Speaker x 21 speaker not working properly. N05-Jun-2019Completed27-Jun-2019
11723 D1094Shure SM58 Microphone Switched it on at a gig and no sound. Simply stopped. N17-Jun-2019To Be Assessed18-Jun-2019
11722 D1095Mipro Act 30H Radio MicSignal audio not transmitted or received. N17-Jun-2019Completed24-June-2019
11718 Yamaha DGX660 Digital Piano Keys make an intermittent loud sound when using the pedals.Y11-Jun-2019Completed13-Sept-2019
11714 Line 6 Amplifi 150 Guitar Amplifier No soundY11-Jun-2019Completed27-Jun-2019
11713 D1249Stage Musician TS60 Guitar Amplifier Very noisy. 240V plug rattling. N11-Jun-2019Completed25-Jun-2019
11712 Roland TD20 Drum ModuleBattery needs replacing. Hi hats not responding. Cymbals not responding properly. Drums all operating as per normal. We have not programmed anything on this brain module. N03-Jun-2019Completed24-June-2019
11711 Marshall : No sound.Ashton : 2 speakers not working. N7-Jun-2019Completed27-Jun-2019
11709 D1247 Focusrite Clarett 8 Pre Preamp Inputs 1/2 sound bright and brittle. Y06-Jun-2019To Be Assessed06-Jun-2019
11708 Ampeg SVT-CL Amplifier Amp gone into protection mode intermittently. Static noise when first turned on intermittently. Y05-Jun-2019 Parts Ordered6-June-2019
11706D1246Korg Krome Keyboard LCD screen keeps on going blank after being turned on N29-May-2019 Completed18-June-2019
11705 D1245Mackie 1402ULZ MixerLED meters pulsating.N29-May-2019Completed24-June-2019
11704 D1244 Korg PA700 Keyboard Not loading. Tried the update and still not loading. N 29-May-2019To Be Assessed 29-May-2019
11702Yamaha PSRE535 Keyboard B flat key has become loose N 24-May-2019 Completed17-June-2019
11701 D1241Ibanez SR605 Bass Guitar Low signal. Customer has tried new batteryN24-May-2019Completed24-June-2019
11700 D1240Australian Monitor AMC120P AmplifierAs soon as power is turned on, light comes on and then the unit loses power.N22-May-2019Completed17-June-2019
11699 D1243Roland Fantom G8 Keyboard Screen is white. Suspect it needs replacing.N24-May-2019Completed01-July-2019
11698Speaker Box - No fault givenAmpeg PF350 Amp - No fault givenN24-May-2019 Completed25-June-2019
11697JBL L8400P Amp ModuleClips even at low volume. Requires back in 2 weeks. N24-May-2019To Be Assessed28-May-2019
11695 Stanton SCS 4DJ Wrong power supply used. Burnt internal switch/circuit N21-May-2019Completed 25-Jun-2019
11694 Casio PX360M Digital Piano F Key not working Y21-May-2019Completed11-Jun-2019
11690 Yamaha DTX700 Drum Module Faulty headphones jack/input N15-May-2019 Completed27-May-2019
11689 Roland DJ202 DJ Controller Dysfunctional USB portY17-May-2019Completed11-Jun-2019
11688 Roland TD50 Drum Module Dysfunctional USB port Y17-May-2019Completed11-Jun-2019
11687Allen & Heath Mixer 5 x Belt Packs2 broken controls N16-May-2019Completed13-June-2019
11686 Yamaha CVP-705B Digital Piano Some notes are playing louder compared to adjacent notes & it doesn't happen all the time. It is the same as occurred in 2018. Noticed this starting to happen 6 to 8 weeks ago. -- Y20-May-2019Completed06-June-2019
11683 Korg Krome-88 KeyboardSee Notes. Makes clicks intermittently on sustaining lots of keys. Update to 1.04N14-May-2019Completed13-June-2019
11682 2 x Turbosound 2 x TCS-122-64 2 x Speaker (Powered)One powers up intermittenty. Other powers up intermittenty but no actual sound (just hiss). N14-May-2019 Completed04-Sept-2019
11681 Roland TB 303 Keyboard - resonanceAlesis Nanoverb - faulty, distorts XOXBOX - outputs? N16-April-2019Completed30-Aug-2019
11680D1236RCF HD10 SpeakerSee attached note.N14-May-2019 Completed16-Jul-2019
11679 D1238Korg SP100 KeyboardSome keys not working.N14-May-2019Completed06-June-2019
11678D1237 Roland XP80 KeyboardNo fault givenN 10-May-2019Completed24-June-2019
11677D1234AKG PT45 Wireless MicrophonePins bent in inputN07-May-2019Completed11-Jun-2019
11676 Korg T3 Keyboard Has lost factory settings. Floppy disc supplied. N10-May-2019Completed03-June-2019
11674Soundcraft LX-7 II MixerBlowing fuses. Not working.N13-May-2019Completed13-June-2019
11670 D1235Casio CTK2100 Keyboard Middle C faultyN08-May-2019To Be Assessed08-May-2019
11662 D1233Chiayo Wireless MicrophoneNot working - has one other one that does. N03-May-2019Completed29-May-2019
11660 Roland BA330 AmplifierCh 1 mic input noisy. N 02-May-2019Completed20-May-2019
11659 D1232Light Emotion 1AARBARRGB Lighting No power N 02-May-2019Completed28-May-2019
11658 Studiologic Numa Stage Keyboard Fails to boot up - intermittently N29-Apr-2019Waiting on parts information29-May-2019
11657 D1227Yamaha Arius Digital PianoPiano keys no volume control particularly 3rd D# from left - sometimes others. Not sure if headphone jack or midi ports are working. N21-Apr-2019Completed27-May-2019
11656 D1230Soundcraft FX16ii Mixing Desk Intermittent noise that sometimes comes through main output, sometimes through aux sends. Not on every channel, seems to change which channel is noisy. Possibly somehow related to phantom power. N02-May-2019Completed06-June-2019
11655 D1229Mipro MA707 Portable PA System CD skips, unit noisy, needs a good clean and service. N02-May-2019To Be Assessed03-May-2019
11652Twin Fade : Not working. Several burnt components.4PAKD Check faders under load. Test for extended time. 4PAKD Fader Cross talk. Test for extended time. N30-Apr-2019 Waiting on parts information29-May-2019
11649 Korg PA4X-61 Keyboard Top 2 keys sticking (hard press). They don’t look level compared to others. N29-Apr-2019Completed28-May-2019
11648 D1228KRK VXT4 Monitor Speaker Unit powers on, but no sound. Was repaired in June 2018 with same issue. (D1017)N26-Apr-2019Completed18-June-2019
11645 Yamaha WX7: Check controls (trim pots) and switches. Check rubbers Virus Ti Polar: Midi doesn’t work (in and Out). Clean and service.N23-Apr-2019Estimate Given - Active29-Apr-2019
11644 D1226Adam A7X Active MonitorA "wind" type noise. Not easily reproducable and intermittent. Usually happen when just powered on or if it has been running for a while. Y19-Apr-2019Completed10-May-2019
11643 Roland RD700-SX Keyboard Some keys not working, turns itself off and program buttons don't always register. N20-Apr-2019Completed11-Jun-2019
11642 D1225Mipro MA705 AmplifierSystem was plugged into power. When turned on, smoke started coming out of the back of the unit. Required by 2nd May N18-Apr-2019Completed29-Apr-2019
11640 Yamaha Stagepas400i Portable PA SystemIntermittent powerY02-Apr-2019Completed23-Apr-2019
11639 Casio DG20 Synth Guitar Problem powering on. N03-Apr-2019Completed10-May-2019
11638 Turbosound IP2000 Speaker After about 10 minutes starts making loud crackling and popping sounds, with no input sources connected Y10-Apr-2019Completed03-May-2019
11637 Turbosound IQ12 Speaker (Powered) Output crackling sound evident, even at low volumeY10-Apr-2019Completed10-May-2019
11636 Yamaha MSR400 - No tweeter. Ultra loud feedback event.Event Tref -Farting woofer. 3ft drop onto carpet. N10-Apr-2019Completed10-May-2019
11635D1224 Behringer Xenyx Mixer Sparks seen at power socket. Unit wont power up since. Customer would also like 2 new subgroup faders (3/4) installed.N10-Apr-2019Completed10-May-2019
11635 D1224 JBL 515 Speaker (Powered)When in use as FPH, speaker made several loud buzzing noises, then shut off. Has not powered up since. N10-Apr-2019Completed10-May-2019
11634 Yamaha DBR12 SpeakerBass end dead. Speaker had fallen over. N05-Apr-2019Completed10-May-2019
11633 Mackie SRM450 Speaker (Powered) Faulty amplifier N11-Apr-2019Completed10-May-2019
11632 AKG PT470 Wireless MicrophoneSound fades in and out.N11-Apr-2019Completed14-May-2019
11631 Mackie DLM12S SubwooferNo SoundN10-Apr-2019Completed10-May-2019
11627 Presonus AR16 Effects not working. SD Player not working N13-Mar-2019Parts - Waiting On Information - Distributor not responding27-May-2019
11625 Boss VE2 - Hum on vocals (xlr) guitar ok.Radial PZ pre - No Gain (lost level) HH Speaker - No tweeter. Sounds horrible. HH Speaker SUB - Intermittent Sound/low level. seemed worse when moving the phase.N09-Apr-2019Completed14-May-2019
11624 Yamaha DXG620 Keyboard Several 'sus' keys - some loud, some soft. Otherwise general check and service as necessary. Has had a lot of use - gets carted around a lot. N29-Mar-2019Completed29-Apr-2019
11623 D1221Yamaha PSR770 KeyboardPower button not working. Volume issue - keys need hard velocity. Modulation wheel broken. Y29-Mar-2019Completed15-Apr-2019
11622 Yamaha RXV396 Amplifier Powers up/can't select modes via input control knob. N29-Mar-2019Completed03-May-2019
11621 D1220Kawai ES6 Digital PianoPlaying wrong notes after playing for a while. Already serviced before (November 2017)N 01-Apr-2019Completed13-June-2019
11615 Casio CTK5200 Keyboard x 2Both keyboards have damaged notes. B&C at top extremity. N25-Mar-2019Completed4-Apr-2019
11614 D1217Yamaha ModX8 Digital Pianokeys registering intermittently (all keys) Problems with USB Midi. Sustain pedal getting stuck on intermittently. Y 25-Mar-2019Completed29-Apr-2019
11613 D1216 RCF HD10 Speaker Loud buzz when plugged in. N 25-Mar-2019Completed29-Apr-2019
11612 D1215Allen & Heath Mixwizard Mixer Needs full service. Ch 1 has a problemN25-Mar-2019Completed29-Apr-2019
11611D1219Kawai MP7 Digital PianoOne note spottyN25-Mar-2019Completed14-May-2019
11607 D1212Yamaha PSR6300 Keyboard x 2Unit powers up. Sounds/rhythms in lid not working.N22-Mar-2019Completed15-Apr-2019
11604 Soundcraft MSB16RPhantom power issue. On Mic1 - input - blows level out head amp. On other mic inputs not working.N11-Mar-2019 Completed19-Aug-2019
11603 D1209Kronos KeyboardNot powering up (disk indicator light flashes) Some keys not springing up (black keys) N11-Mar-2019 Completed10-May-2019
11602 D1202Eden EC210 AmplifierVolume pot crackles N06-Mar-2019Completed06-June-2019
11601 Yamaha PSRS970 Digital PianoSound engine sound like it has exploded. Y 18-Mar-2019Completed4-Apr-2019
11600 Yamaha Clavinova CLP970 KeyboardSustain pedal faulty. Circuit board cracked where wires come into it.N18-Mar-2019 Completed11-Apr-2019
11599 D1210 Roland E66 KeyboardKeys require servicing. Arranger/style buttons cause a jump in volume (not sure if a fault or adjustable in settings) would like it rectified for a consistent colume. On/Off button cap missing, would like replaced if possible. N18-Mar-2019Completed10-May-2019
11595 Korg Krome KeyboardJoystick drifting by itself. Need by 4th AprilN15-Mar-2019Completed29-Apr-2019
11594 Casio WK-1800 Digital Piano Key around low C sounds flat.N14-Mar-2019Completed
11597 Yamaha PSRS970 Keyboard G key is constantly playing at 100% velocity, and is slightly dipping compared to other keys. Y06-Mar-2019Completed25-Mar-2019
11592 Sampson s-com 4 Effects Module One channel faulty N13-Mar-2019Completed
11591 Yamaha NP-31 Digital PianoUpper E's not working intermittently.N13-Mar-2019Completed22-Mar-2019
11590D1208HK Audio Lucas Nano 300 Speaker No audioN12-Mar-2019Completed4-Apr-2019
11589 Yamaha Mox8 KeyboardKeyboard fell off table, resulted in damage and loss of movement to some keys. Underside screws have already been removed to retrieve broken key weight (labelled in boxes)N12-Mar-2019Completed22-Mar-2019
11588 D1207 Yamaha MGP16X Mixing Desk One side of desk not sending signal (right) Y12-Mar-2019Completed22-Mar-2019
11587 D1206Mipro MA707 Portable PA System Faulty power supply?N08-Mar-2019Completed28-May-2019
11585 Bass Amp - Hums Behringer B205D Powered monitor speaker - Not working Roland RD-8 Drum Pedal - FaultyN06-Mar-2019Completed06-June-2019
11583Yamaha EMX-860 PA Head - Power switch stuck in. Casio CTK-5200 Keyboard - USB socket broken. N06-Mar-2019Completed4-Apr-2019
11582Soundcraft Expression Mixer Got very wet. Not workingN05-Mar-2019Completed25-June-2019
11581Roland Juno DS Keyboard Front damaged in transport.N05-Mar-2019Waiting on Parts Information12-Mar-2019
11578 CTK5200 - B note hyperextended and needs to be reset. Roland EP77 - DC 12V power socket input socket - pin broken offN28-Feb-2019Completed22-Mar-2019
11577 Yamaha P45B Keyboard One key is squeakingY01-Mar-2019Completed18-Mar-2019
11576D1205Roland XP10 KeyboardMiddle C key not workingN 01-Mar-2019Completed18-Mar-2019
11572 D1201Casio Privia PX-200 KeyboardBroken A Key needs replacingN25-Feb-2019Completed18-Mar-2019
11571 Roland Juno 106 - Not powering upMotu 828 Audio Interface - LED Screen wont workN 25-Feb-2019Completed18-Mar-2019
11570Line 6 Guitars x 2 1 - Switch faulty.
2 - 8 pin socket faulty
N22-Feb-2019Estimate Given18-Mar-2019
11569Casio CTK5000 Keyboard Key not working. N22-Feb-2019Completed4-Mar-2019
11566 Nord Piano 2 Keyboard Had liquid split inside. Check and Clean.N18-Feb-2019Completed - Express Service Requested25-Feb-2019
11565 Mackie HR824 Mk4 Speaker Intermittently cuts out in sound. Sound from speaker is weird - sounds a bit like a phased cancelled out audioY13-Feb-2019Completed18-Mar-2019
11564 Adam A7X Speaker (Powered) x2One speaker is not working. Other speaker is reported as intermittently producing a sweeping/whoosh noise. N18-Feb-2019Completed18-Mar-2019
11563 Roland SPD-SX Drum Module Left ear on in-ears drops out intermittently, sometimes when the unit is hit. Customer has replaced cables and in-ears without result so assumes it is the unit.N18-Feb-2019Completed25-Feb-2019
11552 Kawai ES3 - won't turn on because the students - wrong power adaptor usedYamaha YPP55 - notes not working etc and needs an overhaul to get it functioning N07-Feb-2019Completed10-May-2019
11562 Behringer B215D Speaker (Powered)HumsN16-Feb-2019To Be Assessed18-Feb-2019
11561 Roland KC-110 Amplifier Crackle noiseN14-Feb-2019Completed23-Apr-2019
11560 Yamaha TYROS 5-61 KeyboardAnts were in keyboard. Middle A Key still plays loud sometimes N14-Feb-2019Completed4-Mar-2019
11558 Nord Electro 4 HP KeyboardKey faulty (C below middle C). Some electrical issues N08-Feb-2019To Be Assessed18-Feb-2019
11557 D1144Roland U20 Keyboard Keys wont depress (marked with red X). Others struggle to make a tone.N11-Feb-2019Completed4-Apr-2019
11556 Native Instruments Maschine Mk11 Recording Interface USB faulty.N07-Feb-2019Completed18-Mar-2019
11551Mackie ProFX8v2 MixerLow humming noise.Y07-Feb-2019Completed4-Apr-2019
11549Korg Krome 61 KeyboardBroken Touch Screen N 06-Feb-2019Completed19-Feb-2019
11547 Mackie Thump15A Speaker (Powered)Speaker has digital clipping sound.Y07-Feb-2019Completed18-Feb-2019
11546Casio CDP200R Keyboard Power socket issues.N05-Feb-2019Completed18-Mar-2019
11545D1146JBL EON615 Speaker (Powered) Does not turn on.N06-Feb-2019Completed4-Mar-2019
11541Fender Frontman 65R Amplifier - HumsRoland E86 Keyboard - Broken KeyN 29-Jan-2019Completed25-Feb-2019
11540 TC Electronics Effects - Faulty button Digitech Reverb Effects - Not working Presonus ACP-8 Effects - Clean up, channel 7 faulty. N30-Jan-2019Completed12-Mar-2019
11539Peavey 8600D PAThe RCA plugs on the ‘Media In’ are faulty – cuts out if cable is allowed to hang. Cut’s back in when cable held up N01-Feb-2019Completed25-Feb-2019
11538 Safari 2000 Portable PA System Not working under battery power.Y04-Feb-2019 Completed18-Feb-2019
11537 Yamaha DGX 230 Keyboard - no fault given JBL Eon 515XT Powered Speaker - Not workingN01-Jan-2019Completed4-Apr-2019
11536 Roland PM100 Personal MonitorTreble isnt working, the speaker cuts in and out.Y04-Feb-2019Completed15-Apr-2019
11535 D1145Korg SP-170S Keyboard Some keys not making a sound - wondering if water damaged N04-Feb-2019Parts Ordered22-Mar-2019
11534 Max AV Aisc-0310A Speaker (Powered)No sound after crackle. N05-Feb-2019Completed4-Mar-2019
11533Reidel CCP1116 Coms PanelChannel A pad switch brokenN31-Jan-2019Completed4-Apr-2019
11532 Pro Bass Guitar Amp
Electric Guitars x 6
faulty N02-Jan-2019Completed25-Feb-2019
11531 Mackie Thump15A Speaker (Powered) Intermittent Fault of Power light flashingY29-Jan-2019Completed18-Feb-2019
11530 Yamaha CLP585B Digital PianoVolume different over keys.Y29-Jan-2019Completed25-Feb-2019
11529 Korg Minilogue Synthesiser Output has noise spikes intermittently. Can be seen on screen of synth.Y29-Jan-2019Completed18-Mar-2019
11528 Korg Minilogue SynthesiserVCO 2 not working correctly.Y29-Jan-2019Parts Ordered
Back Order - 5-6 weeks
11524 D1125Yamaha Arius YDP141 Digital Piano Has power but no sound. N10-Dec-2018Completed8-Jan-2019
11523 Yamaha DGX660B Digital Piano 1 key has dropped and appears floppy. Y8-Jan-2019Completed22-Jan-2019
11522Ashton Keyboard
Casio Keyboard
11521 Behringer X32 Mixer Arcing on/off switch Y22-Jan-2019Completed11-Feb-2019
11520 Kawai ES8 KeyboardBuzz from speaker or cabinet. Y18-Jan-2019Completed11-Feb-2019
11519Casio CDP-135Bk KeyboardNot working at all.Y22-Jan-2019Completed05-Feb-2019
11518 Korg Concert 5000 Digital PianoNo soundN 16-Jan-2019Completed05-Feb-2019
115171 - Roland E86 Keyboard
2 - Fender Frontman 65R Amplifier
1 - Broken keys
2 - Loud hum when turned on
N21-Jan-2019To Be Assessed23-Jan-2019
11516 D1142Novation Impulse 49 KeyboardNot powering up (tested different USB cables) N22-Jan-2019Completed4-Apr-2019
11515 D1140 Allen & Heath Zed10FXMixer Noise - checked all leads, still noisy when nothing connected. Pressing on top panel changes noise. N22-Jan-2019Completed
11514 D1143 Zoom H6 Recorder Not powering up after unit was plugged into iphone charger to the usb port. N22-Jan-2019Completed22-Mar-2019
11513 D1141 JBL EON15 G2 Speaker (Powered) Intermittent popping sound. N22-Jan-2019Completed18-Feb-2019
11511 Kawai ES8 Digital PianoNo fault given Y22-Jan-2019Completed12-Feb-2019
11510 Line 6 Helix Rack Effects Module Input not responding. Tuner does not display any activity. Seems to happen when a fx send module is insertedY21-Jan-2019Waiting Parts5-Feb-2019
11508 Roland KC200 KeyboardNo fault given N17-Jan-2019To Be Assessed17-Jan-2019
11507 D1138Mipro MA707E Portable PA System Faulty CD player and general service and clean. N17-Jan-2019Completed4-Mar-2019
11506 D1137 Mipro MA707 Portable PA System Faulty CD Player - service and clean. N17-Jan-2019To Be Assessed17-Jan-2019
11505 D1139 Mipro MA707 Portable PA SystemMute button on belt pack not working, keeps cutting out (reception?) N17-Jan-2019Completed05-Feb-2019
11504 D1135 JBL EON515XT Speaker (Powered) Power intermittent. Clipping at regular volume. N17-Jan-2019Completed4-Mar-2019
11503 D1136Behringer B112D Speaker (Powered) All lights flashingN17-Jan-2019Completed11-Feb-2019
11502 D1134AKG WMS40GB Flex Transmitter Transmittor on/off switch faultyN17-Jan-2019Completed19-Feb-2019
11501 D1127JBL EON 515XT Speaker Not powering up. N09-Jan-2019Completed05-Feb-2019
11498Yamaha P-45B Digital Piano Speaker rattle noise.Y14-Jan-2019Completed8-Jan-2019
11497 Marshall The Guv'nor Pedal (Effects) Input or output faulty. N11-Jan-2019Completed12-Feb-2019
11496 Vestax PMC250 MixerClean & service. Replace missing knobs. N14-Jan-2019Completed05-Feb-2019
11495 Vonyx SPJ-PA910 Speaker Not working. N14-Jan-2019Completed8-Jan-2019
11494 D1133 Korg Prologue 8 Keyboard Unit sustains after 10mins operation. Needs firmware update (PC only). N 14-Jan-2019Completed05-Feb-2019
11493 D1131Mackie Thump SpeakerIntermittent power. No audio. N14-Jan-2019Completed12-Feb-2019
11492 D1132Allen & Heath Mixwizard MixerBought second hand. Needs full service to ensure all is in order. N14-Jan-2019Completed12-Feb-2019
11488 Yamaha P115 KeyboardD Keys 3 and 4 octaves above middle C do not work. Progressively working - used to just be D key 3 octaves above middle C.Y08-Jan-2019Completed8-Jan-2019
11487D1126Yamaha Stagepas 600i MixerCh 2 no output - check feedback supressor functioning correctly. N20-Dec-2018Completed16-Jan-2019
11486 Soundcraft Notepad 12FX MixerRHS no output. Signal display on full.Y21-Dec-2018Completed12-Feb-2019
11485D1130 Arturia Keylab 49 Keyboard Broken Keys N08-Jan-2019Completed8-Jan-2019
11484 QSC K8 Speaker (Powered) Signal drop/intermittent. N08-Jan-2019Completed4-Mar-2019
11483D1129 Sennheiser Prof Power MicrophoneDropped, capsule may be disconnected.N08-Jan-2019Completed18-Feb-2019
11481 Sound Art PWA-65-DS Portable PAystem Mics not working. N17-Dec-2018Completed05-Feb-2019
11478 Roland DEP-5 Effects ModuleLoud Static sound - intermittentN13-Dec-2018Completed8-Jan-2019
11477Behringer MPA100BT Portable PASystem Powers up but no soundY12-Dec-2018Completed05-Feb-2019
11476 Amplifier - faultyNP 31 Digital Pianos x 3 - Power issuesN07-Dec-2018Completed4-Mar-2019
11475 Roland AX-Edge-W Keyboard No power - not working. Y10-Dec-18To Be Assessed10-Dec-18
11474 Boss Roland Loop StationLeft hand side edit button not working. Y10-Dec-2018Completed4-Mar-2019
11473 D1124Yamaha P45 Keyboard Middle 'C' key stuck. Y11-Dec-2018Completed14-Jan-2019
11472Roland PDX-8 Dual Trigger Pad Cut short trigger - the drum does not ring.Y12-Dec-2018Completed8-Jan-2019
11468 Ampeg SVT-CL Amplifier Static noise when first turned on.Y05-Dec-2018Completed4-Mar-2019
11467 Shure & Sennheiser 3 x Wireless Power spike. Mics don’t work.N10-Dec-2018Completed16-Jan-2019
11466Behringer X-32 Mixer Cuts out intermittently. Mainly when faders are moving or recalled. Some sticky knobsY10-Dec-2018Parts Ordered12-Mar-2019
11465Multiple UnitsMarshall Guitar Amp - Faulty.
Yamaha S112 Speaker x 2 - Horns faulty
Yamaha EMX640 - Input 1 faulty. Clean & Service .
114641 - Behringer Ultrabass BX4210A
2 - Kawai ES3 Digital Piano
1 - input faulty
2 - power socket dodgy
11463 SC1117Australian Monitor XR5IZP SpeakerSpeaker fell over. No bass.N07-Dec-2018Completed4-Mar-2019
11462D1123Mackie MR5 Mk11 Speaker Unit was working and suddenly stoppped. N10-Dec-2018Completed17-Jan-2019
11461D1122Wedge Boundary Mic Microphone Hums when in use.N07-Dec-2018Completed17-Jan-2019
11455Line 6 Helix Rack Effects ModuleInput not responding. Tuner does not display any activity. Y 04-Dec-2018Completed14-Jan-2019
11454D1120QTX QA15 Portable PA SystemSound and power cutting in and out. N03-Dec-2018Completed14-Jan-2019
11453Roli Seaboard KeyboardUSB Socket faultyN28-Nov-2018Parts Ordered14-Jan-2019
11452D1121Yamaha PSRS910 KeyboardSome keys are not working, volume knob faulty. N05-Dec-2018Completed05-Feb-2019
11451D1119Yamaha Stagepas300 Portable PA SystemOne fan is very noisyN03-Dec-2018Completed8-Jan-2019
11449Yamaha MM1402 MixerChannel 5 noisy (fader). Check headphone socket. N03-Dec-2018Estimate Given10-Jan-2018
11448Korg PA-500 KeyboardPedal cuts out intermittentlyN03-Dec-2018Completed10-Dec-2018
11446Suzuki MON250M OmnichordIntermittent operationN29-Nov-2018Completed14-Jan-2019
11445D11141 - Amplifier Yamaha EMX640 Mixer
2 - Speaker
1 - Checkover
2 - Horn damaged
11444Behringer MPA40BT Portable PA SystemSpeaker does not appear to either charge or power up, after connection the mains.Y27-Nov-2018Active08-Jan-2019
11443D1115Allen & Heath Zed Sixty 10FX Mixer Not switching on. Not powering up. N27-Nov-2018Completed8-Jan-2019
11442Yamaha DGX630 Digital PianoGeneral service required. Has a couple of known faults: F#4 rattles from side to side; F4 and nearby notes play randomly loud occasionally; Some keys are tappy (eg. B3); some keys are tappy (eg B3); some notes seem to be a bit raised (uneven surface); the selection dial dosen't reliably adjust choices (especially when adjusting quickly)N27-Nov-2018Completed21-Jan-2019
11441D1116JBL Eon615 Speaker (Powered) Cutting in and out while playing. N27-Nov-2018Completed8-Jan-2019
11440D1117SoundCraft MTK22 MixerPower surge to house perhaps blew fuse - gone dead - no power.N27-Nov-2018Completed8-Jan-2019
11439D1118Roland HP1700L Keyboard 4 notes do not playN 29-Nov-2018Completed14-Jan-2019
11438 Yamaha PSR-E333 KeyboardOne key not workingN28-Nov-2018Completed8-Jan-2019
11437Wireless Microphone1 - Belt pack with broken coil. 2 - Belt pack with broken socket. 3 - Shure ULXP4 - Fuzzy output. N21-Nov-2018Completed24-June-2019
11436Behringer MPA40BT Portable PA SystemMain volume level control has no effect at all. Volume knobs on channel 1 and 2 both very scratchy and distort input signal when adjusting volume.Y21-Nov-2018Completed05-Feb-2019
11435Roland Drum ModuleHi-Hat pad gives weak signal, tom 2 and 3 not giving correct sound. N19-Nov-2018Completed8-Jan-2019
11434 Yamaha PSREW300 KeyboardScreen has gone blank. Y16-Nov-2018Completed8-Jan-2019
11433Casio CTK5200 Keyboard x 11Fit a manual speaker on/off switch to keyboards and modify headphone circuitry not to switch off speakers when plug inserted.N16-Nov-2018Completed29-Nov-2018
11432D1113Korg Stage 2 KeyboardBroken keyN15-Nov-2018Completed4-Mar-2019
11431JBL SRX828sp SpeakerOutput is down. Have checked inputs with cable tester, found open circuit on one of the pins.N16-Nov-2018Completed05-Feb-2019
11430 Yamaha PSRE363 Keyboard Speakers not workingY 16-Nov-2018Completed29-Nov-2018
11428Sennheiser EW 300 Receiver - Intermittent power.Rack of equipment – amplifiers, DMX distribution, Lighting racks etc. That needs to be cleaned and serviced.N13-Nov-2018Completed5-Dec-2018
11427 D1110 Mipro MA705 Portable PA SystemIntermittent voice through wifi headset. Amp?N12-Nov-2018Completed8-Jan-2019
11426Yamaha PX10 AmplifierNot powering up properly, keeps cutting out and rebooting. Customer has tested with multiple IEC cables.Y12-Nov-2018Completed29-Nov-2018
11425Roland SPDSXSE Drum ModuleOne pad not functioning properly - pad 3 top rightY09-Nov-2018Parts Ordered14-Jan-2019
11424SC1113Yamaha MG 12-4 FX Mixer x 2Fried mixers. Check power supplies. N09-Nov-2018Completed17-Jan-2019
11423SC1114LSC Atom Atom 24 Lighting ControllerClean, service and check. Replace missing knobs. N 09-Nov-2018Completed7-Feb-2019
11422 SC1115Line 6 Pod x3 Live Pedal (Effects) Dosent work after a while N09-Nov-2018Completed05-Feb-2019
11421D1112Yamaha DXR15 Speaker No sound coming out of driver. Minimal sound coming out of tweeter/horn.Y12-Nov-2018Completed19-Nov-2018
11419Allen & Heath QU-32Mixer Unit will not power up.N05-Nov-2018Completed8-Jan-2019
11418Mackie M-ProFX12V2 MixerChannel 1 gain scratchy. Channel 2 & 3 cuts out with gain @ 3 oclock. Channel 5/6 Channel 5 does not work - using phone. Channel 7/8 - One cahnnel does not work - using phone.N08-Nov-2018Completed29-Jan-2019
11417Kawai CN37ES Digital PianoSeveral keys including middle C, B flat are distinctly louder than other keys in the region.Y05-Nov-2018Completed29-Nov-2018
11416Behringer B115D Speaker (Powered)Not working anymoreN05-Nov-2018Completed19-Nov-2018
11414TURBOSOUND IP2000 Powered Speaker SystemUnit is distorting N01-Nov-2018Completed8-Jan-2019
11413SWR 2X10C AmplifierNo fault given N02-Nov-2018Completed8-Jan-2019
11411 ALGE 8 Segment Pool Clock TimerNot working correctlyN30-Oct-2018Completed29-Nov-2018
11409Allen & Heath ZED 436 MixerFew channels and subgroup not working. See marked channels and switches (RED)N05-Nov-2018To Be Assessed05-Nov-2018
11405Turbosound Milan M15 Powered SpeakerFaultyN29-Oct-2018Estimate Given5-Dec-2018
11405Turbosound Powered SpeakerFaultyN29-Oct-2018Parts Ordered12-Dec-2018
11405 Turbosound Subwoofer FaultyN29-Oct-2018Estimate Given5-Dec-2018
11404 Soundcraft SCF-UI16 Digital Mixer CH10 Pre Amp extremely noisy. Client reported other channels noisy too. Y29-Oct-2018Completed19-Nov-2018
11403Fender & Roland GR33 Guitar & PedalNot workingN23-Oct-2018Completed29-Nov-2018
11401Multiple UnitsFaultyN1-Nov-2018Completed4-Apr-2019
11400Multiple UnitsFaultyN1-Nov-2018Completed12-Dec-2018
11396 Soundcraft U124No USB. RH mix out faulty. Aux 7, 8 loud crack when plugged in.Y29-Oct-2018Completed18-Feb-2019
11393 D1107Kawai ES7 Digital PianoKeys sticking. Sustain pedal faulty portN19-Oct-2018 To Be Assessed 24-Oct-2018
11391Yamaha TF-1 Mixer Fader 5 issue.Y22-Oct-2018Completed1-Nov-2018
11390Line 6 Relay G10 Wireless Guitar SystemPower input on back of dock not making connection.N 17-Oct-2018Completed19-Nov-2018
11388SC1112MA808 Speaker x 2Not clear sound - Advise cost of upgrading mic receivers to better versionN18-Oct-2018To Be Assessed 19-Oct-2018
11387SC1111Karaoke SystemNo sound. N16-Oct-2018Completed1-Nov-2018
11386D1109 Roland Juno 60 KeyboardOscillators drifting - LFO jerky. Keys go out of tune. N17-Oct-2018Completed8-Jan-2019
11385 D1108M Audio BX5 Speaker x 2 Click - both speakersN17-Oct-2018Completed8-Jan-2019
11384Kurzweil SP2 Digital PianoNot booting up.N15-Oct-2018 Completed29-Nov-2018
11383Roland TD11 Drum ModuleDisplay has speckles.Y16-Oct-2018Completed 24-Oct-2018
11382 Kawai ES8 Digital Piano FaultyY 10-Oct-2018Completed29-11-2018
11381Presonus DeskNo fault given.N 10-Oct-2018Completed19-Nov-2018
11380Ampeg PF500 Bass Head Fault light comes onY10-Oct-2018Completed8-Jan-2019
11379Yamaha DGX620 KeyboardCheck power supply and connection to instrument.N12-Oct-2018Completed29-Oct-2018
11378 KRK VXT4S Speaker x 2 One speaker is humming/cracklingN10-Oct-2018Completed29-11-2018
11377Korg Digital Piano3 Keys are not workingN11-Oct-2018Completed29-Nov-2018
11376D1103Sennheiser EM10 Microphone Mic does not work. Turns on but does not go through PA system.N11-Oct-2018To Be Assessed 16-Oct-2018
11375SC1110Session SpeakerCrackles N15-Oct-2018Completed19-Oct-2018
11375SC1110Mackie SRS 1500 SubCuts out intermittentlyN15-Oct-2018 To Be Assessed - Express Service Requested16-Oct-2018
11374SC1108Yamaha DTX400K Keyboard Headphone outputN08-Oct-2018Completed6-Nov-2018
11370Roland FP-2 Digital PianoWorks for a few seconds, but no sound.N15-Oct-2018Completed6-Nov-2018
11371Yamaha PSRS970 KeyboardC key above middle C faultyY15-Oct-2018Completed6-Nov-2018
11369Alesis M1 Active SpeakerWhen turned on, the flashing light comes up, but no sound. N05-Oct-2018To Be Assessed10-Oct-2018
113681. DBX 117
2. Mindprint EN-Voice
1. Check power. Fit jack sockets.
2. Refit sockets and fix.
11367Yamaha GENOS Keyboard No sound.Y02-Oct-2018Completed 24-Oct-2018
11366Line 6 Powercab 112 Guitar Amplifier Not working at all.Y08-Oct-2018Completed19-Oct-2018
11364D1102Allen & Heath ZED10FX Mixer All channels distortedN05-Oct-2018Completed1-Nov-2018
11363JBL 515XT Speaker x 21. After periods of use, speaker will not put any sound out but lights remain on. Usually after being used at high volume. 2. Speaker dosent turn onN03-Oct-2018Completed6-Nov-2018
113621. Fender Guitar Amp FM212 2. Fender Guitar Amp Deville 3. Behringer Bass Amp BX3000T + Quad Box1. Noisy 2. Faulty 3. FaultyN02-Oct-2018Estimate Given1-11-2018
11361Tascam US16X08 InterfaceFirmware done, unit does no record/playback on multiple I/OY28-Sep-2018Technical Information Requested1-11-2018
11360SC1107Peavey 112 SpeakerCrackle sound02-Oct-2018Completed
11359SC1106 Yamaha P120 Keyboard KeyboardKeys sticking. Check others. Korg DS7998 - any updates - unit not booked inN02-Oct-2018Completed29-Nov-2018
11358SC11051. QSC Touch Mix 16 Mixer 2. Multimedia SubWoofer 1. Channel 5,9,& 10 make noise 2. Not workingN28-Sep-2018Completed10-Oct-2018
11357D1092Behringer B115D Speaker (Powered)Made a squeak noise. Odd electrical burning smell. Minimal volume used. When on, makes a ticking noise.Y28-Sep-2018Completed19-Oct-2018
11356SC1104Behringer VP1520 Speaker (Powered)The subs open circuit and has blown the sub.Y28-Sep-2018Completed19-Nov-2018
11355D1090Mipro LW681 Portable PA SystemSuspected speaker cone.N28-Sep-2018Completed
11353SC1103HK Audio Lucas Performer SpeakerOne channel is quiet.Y27-Sep-2018Completed1-Nov-2018
11352Korg Poly 61 KeyboardNo Sound or output.N26-Sep-2018Completed05-Feb-2019
11351Roland TB48 Drum ModuleUSB fault Y26-Sep-2018Completed10-Oct-2018
11350SC1102Trace Elliot Bass GP7SM250 Quad Box BLXSpeaker issuesN26-Sep-2018Completed29-Nov-2018
11347D1089Universal Audio Infinity 710 PreAmpLevel drops in and out. Scratchy gain pot.N26-Sep-2018Completed02-Oct-2018
11345Casio LK135 KeyboardOnly last a few seconds before powering off.Y21-Sep-2018Completed10-Oct-2018
11344D1087Nord Electro SHP KeyboardBeer spilt on fader controls and surrounding buttons. Needs residue removed.N21-Sep-2018Completed18-Oct-2018
11343Korg SP170 KeyboardCertain keys are loud, if you keep pressing the key it eventually gets quieter, but goes back up again.N21-Sep-2018Completed5-Dec-2018
11342Yamaha DX7s Keyboard Internal battery needs replacing.N21-Sep-2018Completed 24-Oct-2018
11341D1085Yamaha HS8S Studio SpeakerSpeaker BlewY21-Sep-2018Completed10-Oct-2018
11338ES110B Digital PianoPower problemY19-Sep-2018Completed10-Oct-2018
11337D1084Nord Electro 3 73 KeyboardLeft mono output socket faulty. 18-Sep-2018Completed
11336Behringer B112W SpeakerNo power to unit. 18-Sep-2018Completed16-Oct-2018
11335Korg Kross Keyboard Power socket & plug damaged 19-Sep-2018 Parts Ordered18-Oct-2018
11332Roland FX-8 & KX100 Keyboard & Amp Intermittent Audio14-Sep-2018 Completed 24-Oct-2018
11329Wharfedale SVP-12PM Powered MonitorDosent power up. Has been a little crackly for some years. Yesterday someone heard a pop, then didnt turn on12-Sep-2018Completed 24-Oct-2018
11327 D1082Opera Big Amp SpeakerCutting in and out. Thought it was the capacitor, fixed that, but it is still happening. 11-Sep-2018Completed29-Nov-2018
11326 Melodic Digital PianoNo Sound12-Sep-2018Completed12-Sep-2018
11325JBL PRX715XLF SubwooferMakes flapping noise.10-Sep-2018Completed12-Dec-2018
11324Yamaha SVC50 Silent CelloCello Battery not working. Has leaked.06-Sep-2018Completed17-Sept-2018
11323Korg X2 KeyboardLCD faulty backlight 06-Sep-2018Estimate Given18-Oct-2018
11322Yamaha EX5R KeyboardReplace battery. Fit chips.31-Aug-2018Completed10-Oct-2018
11321 D1078Korg PA4X-61 KeyboardUSB out not transmitting. Centre part of USB socket has fallen out.06-Sep-2018Completed10-Oct-2018
11320 D1081RCF HD12 Speaker Speaker Woofer has blown.06-Sep-2018Completed03-Oct-2018
11319 D1079DJ GearDosent work - the speakers is like a little man in a box. There is a sound but it is a long long way away.06-Sep-2018Completed17-Sept-2018
11318 Roland FP50 Digital PianoCuts out31-Aug-2018Completed02-Oct-2018
11317 Multiple Units31-Aug-2018 Completed26-Sept-2018
11316 Roland Drum Module ‘CY-5’ and its sensitivity has become inconsistent. Sometimes it registers a hit other time its really quiet or not at all. 25-Aug-2018Completed12-Sept-2018
11315 RME Fireface800 Audio Interface Can not update firmware 2.77 (blank check failed) Driver cannot read firmware version so audio I/O is blocked - no audio through software (ie cubase). Power supply re-capped 24/8 so not needed in service. RME recommended service. Was working until buffer size changed (was buzzing) 31-Aug-2018
11314 Roli Block Seaboard Keyboard One note around 2nd ovtave C-F is too 'trigger happy', slight pressure on notes nearby send it off & even shaking the keyboard will randomly trigger it. Customer also reports that the keyboard skin/cover bottom left is already starting to lift up.
31-Aug-2018 Completed04-Sep-2018
11313 Korg Krome 61 KeyboardAudio outputs noisy.
31-Aug-2018Customer Information Required 04-Sep-2018
11312 Roland Cube 80XL Input damaged28-Aug-2018 Completed
11312 9 x ESI Keycontrol 49XT
buttons have issues. Customer would also like to stop the buttons flashing. 28-Aug-2018 Completed
11311 KRK Rockit 5 Speaker (Powered)Speaker does not power up.
01-Sep-2018 Completed27-Sep-2018
11310 Korg Kross 88 KeyboardDoesnt power up. Tried new power adaptor.
01-Sep-2018 Completed27-Sep-2018
11309JBL EON612 Speaker Buzz present on input regardless of source. 31-Aug-2018 Completed02-Oct-2018
11309EV ZXA1 SpeakerRhythmic tick when on31-Aug-2018Completed02-Oct-2018
11308D1076Australian Monitor AMIS60 Amplifier Turns on. Light comes on but no sound to speakers. 25-Aug-2018 Completed20-Sept-2018
11307Korg D3200 Mixer Fader 10 causing problems. Check others. Rewind button intermittent. 03-Sep-2018
11301 Ensonic KS-32 Keyboard Needs Battery replaced.
11300RME Fireface 800 InterfaceCant update. Blank check failed. 28-Aug-2018Completed4-Apr-2019
11294 Mackie PPM1008 Mixer Stopped working. 22-Aug-2018
11293 Tyros 5 KeyboardSong - need to press STOP and PLAY buttons together for song to stop. Middle A Key does not work properly on some voice buttons.
11292 Vestax PCV-275 MixerThe left/ white input for phono 3/ PGM 3 input is problematic as it is either blasting out a loud screeching noise or when the LH channel is working (once you jiggle it around) the level is low.
11291Roland KL346 Digital PianoUpper "G" is stuck22-Aug-2018Completed06-Sept-2018
11290 D1074Yamaha P80 Digital PianoNote sticks. D key as marked. 22-Aug-2018
11289D1075Nord Stage 2 EX KeyboardRattling inside. Output 1 & 2 were making crackling sound. USB (midi output) fauly. Please check leads in the bag.22-Aug-2018Completed26-Sept-2018
11287 Mipro MA-707 Portable PA SystemCD player does not work. Not working on batteries.
11285 Roland RD600Keyboard Lots of keys faulty.
15-Aug-2018 Completed26-Sept-2018
11284 Yamaha NP32 Keyboard 1 key faulty13-Aug-2018Completed26-Sept-2018
11283 D1072 ARS Akustika HeadsetRe-terminate to suit Mipro ST1F connector.
11282 D1071DN2000F Denon CD Player1 drawer sticks after 10 minutes or more. 13-Aug-2018 Complicated - More time needed
11281 D1070Behringer Studio 50 USBSpeaker Makes no sound. Tried in 3 different computers.
112802 x Power invertersNo output15-Aug-2018 Completed18-Mar-2019
11280 FBT Jolly SUB 10A Overdriven15-Aug-2018Completed18-Mar-2019
11280 Mackie SRI449Vol pot faulty, thermal light came on and speaker stopped.
11280 2 x RCF ARP409-AFaulty15-Aug-2018
11279 Custom Quad BoxSpeaker Buzzes and distorts.
11272 D1066QSC Speaker (Powered) Limiter tripping and cutting power
01-Aug-2018On Test 04-Sept-2018
11273 D1065Portable PA SystemRepair aerials. 01-Aug-2018
11274 Korg PA588 KeyboardRepair fill button functions and foot damper plus any updates required 01-Aug-2018
11271 Kawai MP7 KeyboardF# key above middle C often does not work and when it does it is very loud. Cracked key (D6) to be replaced if possible. 01-Aug-2018 Completed8-Jan-2019
11270 D1068Casio CTG809 KeyboardSustain socket damaged
11268Various SpeakersVarious Faults6-Jul-2018Active1-11-2018
11267 Yamaha ES-8 KeyboardKey sticking. Transpose dropped out and pad dropped out. May have had liquid in it.
11266 Mantra Amplifier Making funny sound. Mod for pedal and speaker.
16-Jul-2018Estimate Given1-11-2018
11265 Kawai EP6 Digital PianoOne speaker is crackling.
16-Jul-2018 Completed12-Sept-2018
11264 D1064Korg Krome Keyboard System
error on turn on.
11263 Kawai EP98 Digital PianoPiano Low volume27-Jul-2018Waiting Parts - Back Order - 6-8 Weeks
11262Sennheiser EU86E1 Bodypack Transmittor Needs new aerial (supplied)25-Jul-2018Completed18-Aug-2018
11261 D1065Yamaha M83 Keyboard Electrical connection on keyboard 25-Jul-2018 Completed18-Aug-2018
11260Hartke Bass Amp GY5499 Mesa Big Block Bass Amp 750
See Note 24-Jul-2018Completed26-Sept-2018
11259 DB Live 405 Speaker (Powered) Crack when at higher volume.
11258 D1063Line 6 Relay G10 Wireless Relay Battery life only 30 minutes (sealed in transmittor)
11257 Allen & Heath Mixer Aux 2 & 3 intermittent
11257 AER Compact MOBILC38 Battery - Blows fuses
30-Jul-2018 Completed17-Sept-2018
11252 Yamaha CVN208 Digital PianoLots of keys sticking. Distorted output. Unit to be picked up from customers house.
20-Jul-2018 Completed8-Jan-2019
11248 D1059Roland AX6 Keyboard 2 keys not triggering
11247 D1060db Opera 410D Speaker x 2One is distorting. One started smoking and hasnt been used since. If you can make one or two working speakers from these 2 plus the 1 you still have then thats great. Just see what you can do.
18-Jul-2018 Active2-Aug-2018
11246 Yamaha DXL10 Speaker (Powered) Failure of main channel or speaker
17-Jul-2018Waiting Parts 24-Jul-2018
11241 Mackie Amp & JBL speakersGets hot (overheating and burning smell) JBL Speakers_ Check both speakers. One had low audio (Marked R)_Need B4 August 4th
17-Jul-2018 Completed31-Jul-2018
11240 Mackie TH-12A Speaker (Powered) No volume. No bottom end.
11237 D1046 XSW Wireless Microphone Suspected resolder in capsule area. Suspected resolder in capsule area.
09-Jul-2018 Completed09-Jul-2018
11236RCF Art 310A SpeakerSpeaker not working properly (no bass). 12-Jul-2018 Completed15-Oct-2018
11234Mipro MA 100 du SpeakerSpeaker quiet.12-Jul-2018 Completed
11233 Korg i5M Keyboard Korg x 2Floppy disk drive not working (was working sporadically until recently)
12-Jul-2018 Completed29-Oct-2018
11225 D1044SONGXU 3000W Fog MachineTurns on, heats up like normal but does not produce any smoke. Pump has been replaced, but turns out that wasnt the problem.
11214Biema Q400 Amplifier No fault given 15-Jun-2018 Active - Unit on Test
11213 Behringer NU6000DSP
Amplifier Stopped working18-Jun-2018 Completed04-Sept-2018
11208 Soundcraft UI24R MixerNo USB to Computer DAW. Checked instore.
28-Jun-2018 Completed17-Sept-2018
11207 D1026JBL EON618S Speaker
Intermittent. 28-Jun-2018Completed13-Aug-2018
11206 Australian Monitor AMIS250 AmplifierNo output. Hums loudly when powered. Was switched off for fire alarm testing and when turned back on showed the fault.
19-Jun-2018 Completed02-Oct-2018
11193 JBL EON 210P Portable PA System Doesn't power up.
11167 Roland Juno D Keyboard Some Keys not working.
26-May-2018 Completed04-Sept-2018
11163 JBL EON 615 Speaker (Powered) Cuts out at higher volume. 23-May-2018 Completed18-Aug-2018
11148 JBL SRX835P Speaker x 2One speaker does not power on. Second powers on, but the display reads 'protection' even when not receiving signal. 16-May-2018Completed20-Sept-2018
11146 Korg PA3X61 KeyboardScreen boots up ok, then distorts. After a while (could be hours) screen turns blank-white. All sounds still work, but can not see anything on screen to change when turn on switch (battery status) blinks red on standby. When turned fully on, blinks green constantly.16-May-2018 Completed03-Aug-2018
11129Mackie SRM450Speaker No Sound. squeals occassionally
30-Apr-2018 Completed18-Aug-2018

For more information on our Service Rates and Conditions Of Service, please go to
Whilst we endeavour to get units repaired in a timely manner, due to reliance on manufacturers for information and parts this is not always easy.
Sound Check Electronics will attempt to keep customers informed of the progress of repairs.
However, as this is not always possible, customer’s are encouraged to email for a status update on units that we have had for longer than 2 weeks.
The repair of your goods may result in the loss of any user-generated data. Please ensure you have made a copy of any data saved on your goods. 
Sound Check Electronics will not be responsible for any data loss or for restoring any lost data.
Units that cannot be repaired due to spare part unavailability, manufacturer problems/policies, or uneconomical repair requirements are to be picked up by the customer within
30 days, or permission given to Sound Check Electronics to dispose of in an environmentally sound manner.
Units that are not collected and paid for within 30 days of Sound Check Electronics informing the customer will incur an ongoing storage fee.